Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wilton Cake Class 1 - Part 1

Well here is a fun one - at least for me.  I had seen a few of the other food bloggers blog about going to cake decorating class and it has always kind of been something I wanted to try.  Last year we adopted our son and I pretty much failed at his first Birthday cake - it tasted good but looked horrible.  I figured now is the time so I don't have that experience again.

Wednesday was my second class - and the first class where I actually decorated a cake.  I have to admit I had a lot of fun - my instructor Yvonne is the best.  It was a lot of work getting everything ready.  I needed to get the cake ready and prepare seven tubes of frosting during my sons 2 1/2 hour name and I just barely made it.  I went a little overboard and actually torted and filled the cake - which we didn't have to do.  I filled the cake on the top and bottom with Polaner all fruit seedless blackberry jelly - I just heated it a little to make it easy to spread and put a fairly thin layer.  The center has a mix of the frosting and the jelly to make a sort of blackberry cream.  I think it looks pretty nice cut.

Since I didn't want to eat the three cakes I am going to need to make by myself I got my wife to get her work to volunteer to eat it.  This first one worked out well since they were going to have a little celebration - that explains the strange writing on the cake.  I think I need a lot more practice with the writing - it is a lot easier when you are just doing it over the top of the practice letters than while writing on the cake.  

I won't post the recipes unless I get a request or something.  The frosting is the Wilton recipe and it is very easy to work with.  I also liked the cake but will probably expirement with some other cakes in the class.

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