Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daring Bakers: Croissants

When I read that this months Daring Bakers challenge was croissants I was both excited and a little worried. I was excited because I love croissants and thought it would be a challenge to make.  One of my first real jobs was at McGlynn's bakery - McGlynn's was a large bakery that provided baked goods to supermarkets (they have since been bought by Pillsbury).  The break room at McGlynn's was incredible - it had several rows of bakery cases full of all sorts of baked goods - still warm out of the oven.  I ate too many croissants when I worked there - not a good place to work while on a diet. 

I was a little worried because I did not know much about the making of croissants and assumed it was difficult.  The provided recipe and its 57 steps and 12 hour prep time didn't make it look too simple at first glance either.  Well turns out they are not really that difficult.  Most of the 57 steps are just fold and fold again - then stick in the fridge and wait a while.  I had assumed it would be more like phyllo where you have to roll many paper thin sheets and put butter in between.  A croissant is sort of the same effect - it is made flaky by the many layers of dough separated by butter - but it turns out all the magic happens in the folding technique.  

The croissants do take the better part of a day to make - but not really much hands on time.  They were easy to make - if you can make a pie or bread (and can count to 57) you can make croissants.  I made half plain and the other half I spread some Nutella on before I rolled up.  They were both really good.  Nice and flaky.  If you do make them go ahead and eat them all the same day - they are not nearly as good the next day.

Thanks to Sarah for this months challenge.  I loved the Julia Child video provided - check this out if you want to see Julia make croissants - I don't like coffee but I think even I think I could drink that CafĂ© au lait she makes at the end.  If you would like to try out the recipe check out the Daring Kitchen recipe archives here.


Makey-Cakey said...

Fantastic - I love how the chocolate filling goes all the way around the swirls, and not just right in the middle. Chocolate in every bite! 
Just thought I should also let you know that I think the link you posted on the DB forum has a typo - I took a guess and added the 'g' into the middle of acookingdad myself.

meadot01 said...

Thanks for the heads up - no wonder I wasn't getting any hits today.

PetaEats said...

congratulations they look great. 

Audax Artifex said...

WOW that chocolate swirl croissant is stunning I love the crumb of the interior a lot lovely work on this challenge. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.