Monday, October 13, 2008

My new blog

I got my taste of blogging while doing my blog on Victor's adoption.  I kind of enjoyed it but since the adoption is done it doesn't make much sense to continue with that.    

Since the adoption Lara took three months off work to stay home with the baby, then I took three months starting in June.  At the end of August we decided we liked that arangement and I quit my job in order to become a full-time stay at home dad.  

Being a stay at home dad has been a wonderful expirence.  Besides being able to spend the time with my son - I think being able to cook more is my favorite part.  I have always enjoyed cooking but when both of us worked it was hard to make the time and we ended up eating out all the time.  Now I am able to cook most days of the week.

I am not a professional cook and my only training was my Foods III class in high school, a couple of community classes, and my time at TJ's Big Boy cooking breakfasts on the line.  I do enjoy cooking though and I like trying new things.

I am not sure how much I can add to the food blogging community - there are a lot of great blogs out there now - but I'll do this as long as it is fun for me.  I am hoping it helps motivate me to keep doing new things.  

As far as what I will be blogging about - you probably guessed it - Food.  I would like to blog about new recipes I try.  I might throw in some Restaurant articles if I go some place I really like.  If I ever get to travel again (might be hard with the new baby) I might blog a little on that if I go anywhere interesting.

Thats enough for now.  Hopefully there are some people that enjoy this - let me know if you do.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Barefoot Bloggers, Todd. I started my blog this summer and have been enjoying the challenge of coming up with new recipes to try and new things to write about. Best of luck to you!

webbie said...

Welcome to the BBs! And congratulations on the addition to you family!

Kirsten said...

Welcome to the blog! Also, congrats on being a new dad!

Misty said...


Anonymous said...

Todd!!! It's so good to hear from you. I liked your comment :) I guess I get a little wordy. I have to show Dave your blog. He's a SAHD right now too :)